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Summer Chicken & Citrus Salad

Is every body ready for the summer?



4 Servings

  • 6 Chicken Breasts
  • Salt (to taste)
  • Crushed Black Pepper (to taste)
  • 2 Table Spoons Lemon Juice
  • 150 grams Kitchen Sprouts – Citrus and Balsamic Flavoured Butter
  • 80 – 100 grams Micro Leafs or Lettuce of your choice
  • 6 Radish
  • 4 Oranges
  • Kitchen Sprouts – Citrus Balsamic Reduction (to taste)



  • Marinade your Chicken Breasts in the Salt, Crushed Black Pepper, Lemon Juice and Citrus and Balsamic Flavoured Butter.
  • While the Chicken Breasts are marinating, rinse you Micro Leafs or Lettuce and the Radish.
  • Let the Micro Leafs or Lettuce dry a bit.
  • Cut your Radishes in thin slices and put a side.
  • Cut of the rind of the Oranges. Then cut the Oranges in medium slices and put a side.
  • Heat a pan and pan fry the Chicken Breasts till cooked and has a slide brown flying colour.
  • Cut cooked Chicken Breasts in to strips.
  • Place your Micro Herbs or Lettuce in a bowl or into individual plates, then add the Radishes, then the Chicken and Oranges. Lastly drizzle the Citrus Balsamic Reduction over the salad, add seasoning if needed and serve.


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